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Review of interim targets and indicators for road safety in 2010-2020 : analytic report.
20140721 ST [electronic version only]
Lindberg, J. Darin, L. & Berg, Y.
Borlänge, Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, 2012, 82 p., 8 ref.; Publication 2012:162 - ISBN 978-91-7467-365-4

Samenvatting This report presents an analysis and conclusions concerning interim targets and performance indicators for the road safety effort until 2020. The report has been compiled by a project team at The Swedish Transport Administration on behalf of the Group for National Collaboration – Roads (GNS Road). The report is based primarily on analyses performed by a national team of analysts from the Swedish Transport Agency, Trafikanalys, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and The Swedish Transport Administration. The conclusions described in the report do not represent the official standpoints of the stakeholders involved but were drawn by their representatives on GNS Road based on the analysis. (Author/publisher)
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