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Vermoeidheid en afleiding door GSM-gebruik : resultaten van de driejaarlijkse attitudemeting over verkeersveiligheid van het BIVV.
20140689 ST [electronic version only]
Meesmann, U. & Boets, S.
Brussel, Belgisch Instituut voor de Verkeersveiligheid BIVV – Kenniscentrum Verkeersveiligheid, 2014, 48 p., 35 ref.; Onderzoeksrapport 2014-R-01-NL / D/2014/0779/9

Samenvatting Fatigue and distraction through mobile phone use : Results of the BIVV/IBSR three-yearly road safety attitude survey. The Belgian Institute for Road Safety (BIVV/IBSR) attitude survey 2012 is based on 1,540 interviews with drivers whose principal residence is in Belgium and who had driven a car or delivery van at least 1,500 km in the six months preceding the interview. The interviews were conducted verbally in September and October 2012. In the attitude survey, respondents were asked to provide their opinion on a number of statements. For each attitude statement it was examined whether or not there was a relation between the answers on the statement and certain driver characteristics (gender, age and region). The analysis tested the existence of significant differences depending on the respondent’s gender, age or region. Where possible the figures were compared with those from previous attitude surveys conducted by the BIVV/IBSR and with results from other sources. The attitude survey 2012 comprises several sections. This report gives the results for fatigue and distraction only, more specifically the use of the mobile phone while driving. Distraction is seen as one of the main risk factors on the road, as are fatigue and drowsiness behind the wheel. For this reason, the BIVV/IBSR has been specifically measuring experiences and opinions related to these themes since 2009. (Author/publisher)
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