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The problem of youth drugged driving and approaches to prevention : a systematic literature review.
20140574 ST [electronic version only]
Holmes, E. Vanlaar, W. & Robertson, R.
Ottawa, ON, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse CCSA, 2014, 37 p., 49 ref. - ISBN 978-1-77178-132-9

Samenvatting This systematic review identifies several prevention programs and awareness campaigns that increased participant knowledge and altered youth perceptions about drugged driving. While definitive conclusions about the impact of these programs and campaigns on behaviour cannot be drawn because of the limited body of literature, the review does identify promising prevention strategies that affected knowledge and changed attitudes in this area. Prevention initiatives should consider approaches that include teaching specific skills and critical, reflective thinking about decisions. The involvement of parents and engagement of the community could expand the outreach and impact of prevention initiatives. (Author/publisher)
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