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Dementia and driving.
20140254 ST [electronic version only]
Bradshaw, C. Di Stefano, M. di & Catchpole, J.
Noble Park, Victoria, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), 2013, IV + 46 p., 105 ref.; Research Report No. 13/01 - ISBN 978-0-9804913-2-6

Samenvatting People with dementia and their carers need comprehensive and trustworthy information to help them transition from driver to non-driver. The ageing of the population means that the number of people suffering from dementia in the coming years will increase. Many people with dementia do not understand their condition or its impact on driving safely and therefore cannot self-regulate their driving. Giving up driving is a difficult decision that limits independence and access to services. While all drivers with dementia will eventually need to cease driving, people with dementia and their carers are not always aware of the resources available or where they can be obtained. RACV commissioned this report to generate a better understanding of the mobility issues affecting people with dementia. The project includes a review of relevant research literature; information and services currently available; and interviews with health professionals and other stakeholders in the field of dementia and mobility. (Author/publisher)
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