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Comparative analysis of the safety effects of electric bikes at signalized intersections
20140260 ST [electronic version only]
Lu Bai Pan Liu Yuguang Chen Xin Zhang & Wei Wang
Transportation Research Part D - Transport and Environment, Vol. 20 (May 2013), p. 48-54, 9 ref.

Samenvatting The paper compares the risk-taking behavior of the riders of electric-bikes and bicycles and their effects on safety at signalized intersections. Data were collected at signalized intersections in the city of Kunming in China. Traffic conflicts techniques are used to estimate the safety effects of electric-bikes and bicycles, with the incidents observed divided into sixteen types. About 77.7% of conflicts were caused by the risky behavior of the automobiles drivers that in particular did not yield right-of-way to electric-bikes/bicycles, 13.4% by the risky behavior of e-bikers, and the rest by cyclists. Red-light running was the leading cause for the conflicts in which the electric-bikes were at-fault. (Author/publisher)
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