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Physician sex is a predictor of reporting drivers with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia to transportation authorities : letter to the editor.
20140085 ST [electronic version only]
Rapoport, M.J. Herrmann, N. Haider, S. Zucchero Sarracini, C. Molnar, F. Frank, C. Masellis, M. Tang-Wai, D. Kiss, A. Pimlott, N. & Naglie, G.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Vol. 62 (2014), No. 1 (January), p. 201-203, 9 ref.

Samenvatting Most individuals with dementia continue to drive at the onset of their illness and keep driving even as their cognitive impairment progresses. Ontario is one of nine Canadian jurisdictions with mandatory reporting of potentially medically unfit drivers, but compliance with this is low, and approximately one-third of physicians are hesitant to report medically unsafe drivers. A modified Delphi study was conducted with 38 Ontario physicians with expertise in dementia to determine which patient and physician-related factors best predicted reporting to transportation authorities (manuscript in revision). The purpose of this letter is to examine physician-related predictors of reporting individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and mild dementia to transportation authorities. (Author/publisher)
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