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Driving under the influence of drugs : report from the Export Panel on Drug Driving
20131898 ST [electronic version only]
Export Panel on Drug Driving; Wolff, K. (chair) [members: Brimblecombe, R. Forfar, J.C. Forrest, A.R. Gilvarry, E. Johnston, A. Morgan, J. Osselton, M.D. Read, L. & Taylor, D.
London, Department for Transport (DfT), 2013, 205 p., 289 ref. - ISBN 978-1-84864-139-6

Samenvatting The government is introducing a new offence of being in charge of a motor vehicle with a controlled drug in the body. This independent expert panel report analyses research on drug driving and makes recommendations on the drugs to potentially be covered in the new drug driving offence and on the specified limits for each drug. Later in the year (2013) the Government will make specific proposals regarding the drugs to be covered in regulations for the new offence. These proposals will be subject to a public consultation. After taking account of any responses received, regulations containing the final proposals would then need to be approved by Parliament before they could become law. (Author/publisher)
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