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Distraction in traffic.
C 51804 [electronic version only] /83 /

The Hague, SWOV - Institute for Road Safety Research, 2018, Pp., 49 ref.; SWOV Fact sheet

Samenvatting The mobile phone is symbolic of ‘distraction in traffic’. But apart from mobile calls, texting, or listening to music, many drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are occupied with all sorts of other activities that may distract them. Examples are: operating the navigation system, eating, drinking, talking to passengers or daydreaming. Road users may also be distracted by striking matters and events outside the vehicle, such as billboards, a low flying plane, someone on the pavement, or a crash. Distraction negatively affects traffic behaviour. Activities which involve road users taking their eyes off the road are particularly dangerous: among other things, texting, reaching for objects in the car, and looking at objects outside the car for a lengthy period of time. Several measures to prevent distraction in traffic may be taken, such as legislation, public information and education campaigns or technical facilities that prohibit the use of mobile phones when on the road.
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