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Female drunk drivers - a qualitative study : history and experiences in the system.
20131599 ST [electronic version only]
Robertson, R.D. Holmes, E.A. & Marcoux, K.D.
Ottawa, Ontario, Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada TIRF, 2013, XXI + 117 p., 59 ref. - ISBN 978-1-926857-46-6

Samenvatting This study adds to the body of knowledge about female drunk drivers and provides greater insight into their pathways to offending. It also uncovered three distinct and unique profiles of female drunk drivers that begin to shed light on the confluence of factors that play a role in their drunk driving behaviour. Today, there are important gaps in existing criminal justice and treatment systems that can make it more challenging for female drunk drivers to successfully complete their sentence and comply with the conditions imposed upon them. There are also important gaps in the interventions and services that are available to women and a need to integrate interventions with relevant community and social services. The results of this study clearly demonstrate the importance of focusing efforts to begin to better understand this problem and to develop more effective strategies both to prevent and manage it. Also of importance, this study sheds light that can inform future research initiatives. In particular, the data collected suggest opportunities for inquiry and further exploration into issues that pertain to the supervision and treatment of female drunk drivers. (Author/publisher)
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