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Recommendations for toxicological investigation of drug-impaired driving and motor vehicle fatalities.
20131465 ST [electronic version only]
Logan, B.K. Lowrie, K.J. Turri, J.L. Yeakel, J.K. Limoges, J.F. Miles, A.K. Scarneo, C.E. Kerrigan, S. & Farrell, L.J.
Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 2013, August 13 [Epub ahead of print], 7 p., 25 ref.

Samenvatting This report describes the review and update of a set of minimum recommendations for the toxicological investigation of suspected alcohol and drug-impaired driving cases and motor vehicle fatalities involving drugs or alcohol. The recommendations have the goal of ensuring that a consistent set of data regarding the most frequently encountered drugs linked to driving impairment is collected for practical application in the investigation of these cases and to allow epidemiological monitoring and the development of evidence-based public policy on this important public safety issue. The recommendations are based on a survey of practices in US laboratories performing this kind of analysis, consideration of existing epidemiological crash and arrest data and practical considerations of widely available technology platforms in laboratories performing this work. The final recommendations were derived from a consensus meeting of experts recruited from survey respondents and the membership of the National Safety Council's Alcohol, Drug and Impairment Division (formerly known as the Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs, CAOD). (Author/publisher)
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