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Is it time to advocate for a vulnerable road user protection law in New Zealand?
20131240 ST [electronic version only]
Weiss, H. & Ward, A.L.
New Zealand Medical Journal, Vol. 126 (2013), No. 1374 (May 10), p. 67-77, 29 ref.

Samenvatting After a spate of recent New Zealand cyclist deaths, cycle advocates and several policy makers have been pondering the issue of increased penalties aimed at drivers deemed at fault. A key question is whether vulnerable road users (VRUs), including pedestrians, workers, animal riders, stranded motorists, skateboarders, cyclists, and others, are likely to be protected through enhanced penalties for at fault drivers of motor vehicles. We explored current policy and the international literature to examine whether or not enhanced penalties would be likely to increase motor vehicle driver motivation to exercise greater caution around VRUs leading to improved road safety. (Author/publisher)
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