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Evaluating last call : a program directed at outstanding drunk driving warrants.
20131115 ST [electronic version only]
Homant, R.J. Kennedy, D.B. & Evans, W.C.
Police Quarterly, Vol. 10 (2007), No. 4 (December), p. 394-410, 19 ref.

Samenvatting Recently the Wayne County (Michigan) Sheriff's Department implemented the Last Call program to pursue outstanding warrants involving drinking and driving. Two two-person patrol cars make visits to offenders' home and work sites to make arrests. The Last Call program was assessed by examining a sample of cases, by field observation, and by analysis of Michigan State Police data on drinking-related accidents. An arrest was made in approximately half of program cases. These arrests were accompanied by an ongoing increase in highway safety and reduced drinking and driving that dates from before the program. The Last Call program appears to be a useful addition to the fight against drunk driving, although limitations in the data prevent attributing improvements in Wayne County statistics directly to the program. Suggestions are made for research to further clarify Last Call's contribution, and for modifications to make the program even more effective. (Author/publisher)
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