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Back on track to reach the EU 2020 Road Safety Target? : 7th road safety Performance Index PIN report.
20131109 ST [electronic version only]
Jost, G. Allsop, R. & Steriu, M.
Brussels, European Transport Safety Council ETSC, 2013, 94 p., 49 ref.; ETSC PIN Report; 7 - ISBN 978-90-76024-38-7

Samenvatting The current 7th PIN Reportgives an overview of the European countries’ performance in three areas of road safety. Building on the previous Road Safety PIN Reports, it presents in Chapter 1 the developments in the numbers of road deaths and serious injuries during the second year of the EU 2020 road safety target and estimates the monetary value of the consequent benefit to society. Additionally, these developments are set in the context of reduction in road deaths since 2001, the baseline year of the first EU road safety target. Chapter 2 looks at the safety of transport of goods and passengers, showing that, when planning and introducing policies to improve road safety, Member States should maintain focus on vehicles with a large mass. Chapter 3 provides a gender perspective by comparing differences in road deaths between males and females and ranking countries’ progress in reducing road deaths by gender. (Author/publisher)
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