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Model of service-oriented B2B integration in the traffic safety area.
20130903 ST [electronic version only]
Jankovic, S. Mladenovic, S. Lipovac, K. Mladenovic, D. & Veskovic, S.
PROMET - Traffic & Transportation, Vol. 25 (2013), No. 2, p. 169-176, 13 ref.

Samenvatting One class of methods for black spots identification is based on the analysis of: traffic accidents (TA), road parameters, and traffic intensity. The data used in the analysis can be grouped into the information about: roads, persons participating in TA, vehicles participating in TA, traffic accidents and their consequences, and traffic. These categories of data are usually under the jurisdiction of different traffic and non-traffic subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to exchange traffic safety data among the following sources: traffic police, road manager, and health and judicial sector. This paper proposes a model for the exchange and integration of traffic safety data into a single database, which allows the calculation of risks for road sections, as well as the classifi-cation and ranking of the sections. The model is based on B2B integration of service-oriented applications. This paper describes a practical example that demonstrates the proposed integration model. (Author/publisher)
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