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Driving anger and metacognition : the role of thought confidence on anger and aggressive driving intentions.
20130843 ST [electronic version only]
Blankenship, K.L. Nesbit, S.M. & Murray, R.A.
Aggressive Behavior, 2013, April 16 9 [Epub ahead of print], 12 p., 56 ref.

Samenvatting The present studies examined the self-validating role of anger within provoking driving situations, using a scenario method. Specifically, we predicted that one reason for why individuals higher (rather than lower) in trait driving anger are more likely to aggress when provoked is because these individuals are more confident in their thoughts resulting from the provocation. Higher thought confidence, in turn, may influence the amount of anger experienced and the extent to which the anger translates into aggressive behaviour. Study 1 found that participants higher in driving anger were more confident in their thoughts in a provoking situation and their thought confidence mediated the effect of trait driving anger on anger in response to the provocation. Using a manipulation of consistency, Study 2 found that thought confidence mediated the influence of anger on aggressive driving intentions, but only for individuals higher in driving anger. The current research adds to the growing work examining a new mechanism by which emotion (e.g., anger) can affect behaviour. (Author/publisher)
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