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Research on road safety infrastructure planning : case study of Minghang district in Shanghai, China.
20130304 h ST (In: ST 20130304 [electronic version only])
Wang, Y. & Sun, D.
In: Road safety in a globalised and more sustainable world : current issues and future challenges : papers and presentations presented at the 25th workshop of the International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety ICTCT, Hasselt, Belgium, October 8-9, 2012, Pp.

Samenvatting This paper presents a district-level study on assessment of existing facilities on basis of which road safety infrastructure planning is established.Considering location, history, population, landscape, land use, social and economy development, and especially existing road network of Minhang district in Shanghai, this assessment studywas carried out with sample road sections and intersections. The indicators included completion rate of traffic markings and signs, instalment rationality of traffic signs and trafficsignals, pedestrian crossing facilities, traffic control of pedestrian crosswalk and intersections, channelization at intersections and separations. Other elements such as guardrails, sight-guiding facilities and anti-glare equipment were also considered. Road safety level was decided on the general score obtained from two scoring systems. One was a two-stage evaluation model of safety infrastructure, and the other put each indicator in two perspectives, completeness and rationality. When the final score of situation came out to be 73.96 and 67.55 respectively, which could only be categorized to medium level, black spots and weak points of road safety infrastructure were excavated and specific countermeasures were discussed for diversified road sections and intersections so as to prevent crashes and improve local road safety. This publication may be accessed by Internet users at: http://www.ictct.org/workshop.php?workshop_nr=35
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