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Validation of two neuropsychological batteries for assessing fitness to drive in people with multiple sclerosis. Thesis University of Sheffield.
20130170 ST [electronic version only]
Kontou, E.
Sheffield, University of Sheffield, 2012, IX + 149 p., 73 ref.

Samenvatting This thesis consists of a literature review and a research project investigating fitness to drive in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). Driving ability is often affected in individuals with neurological conditions, but assessment methods for determining safety to drive are inconsistent and lack evidence-base. The literature review explored a range of factors that may be related to driving ability in individuals with MS. Studies have mostly emphasised the importance of cognitive abilities when assessing fitness to drive in this population. Findings were presented according to a comprehensive model of driving and clinical implications were summarised. Suggestions for future research in this area were formulated. The research report presented a study examining the concurrent validity of two neuropsychological batteries that have been previously validated against an on-road test. The MS-Driver’s Screening Assessment (MSDSA) has been specifically developed for people with MS, whereas the Rookwood Driving Battery (RDB) has been developed for all neurological conditions and it is widely used in clinical practice. This study also explored whether individual subtests of each battery could predict either pass/fail classifications or overall scores. Twenty-nine individuals with MS were recruited via their clinicians and completed both batteries. There was moderate agreement between MSDSA and RDB for pass/fail classifications. The MSDSA could better identify individuals who may be unsafe to drive compared to the RDB. It was established that attention, visuospatial and executive abilities are predictive of driving ability in this population. Methodological limitations were presented and a larger study was recommended to compare discrepancies between the two batteries against an on-road test. (Author/publisher)
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