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Enforcement procedures against drink drivers and other offenders : a consultation document proposed changes in legislation for testing procedures for drink and drug driving and in other transport sectors and for remedial training for road traffic offenders.
20122616 ST [electronic version only]
Department for Transport DfT
London, Department for Transport DfT, 2012, 71 p.

Samenvatting This consultation encompasses the legislative changes the Government proposed in its response of March 2011 to the reports by Sir Peter North and the Transport Select Committee on drink and drug driving (“the Government’s response”). The changes covered in this consultation do not, however, include creating a new offence related to driving with a specified impairing drug in the body, which is also being progressed by the Government. The proposed legislative changes relate to Great Britain (and not to Northern Ireland) and will be implemented subject to the outcome of this consultation and the securing of legislative time. The proposals are consistent with the devolution of the drink drive limit in Scotland, through the Scotland Act 2012. The consultation seeks views about proceeding with: a. the withdrawal of the ‘statutory option’; b. changes as to when preliminary breath tests are needed; c. changes to the testing procedures in hospital; d. changes to who can assess whether someone is under the influence of drugs; and e. amendments to the regimes for aviation, rail and shipping which mirror the road regime. (Author/publisher)
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