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Road Safety Data, Collection, Transfer and Analysis DaCoTa. Workpackage 6, Driver Behaviour Monitoring through Naturalistic Driving: Deliverable 6.3: Report on small scale naturalistic driving pilot.
20122415 ST [electronic version only]
Pilgerstorfer, M. Runda, K. Brandstätter, C. Christoph, M. Hakkert, S. Ishaq, R. Toledo, T. & Gatscha, M.
Brussels, European Commission, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, 2011, 89 p., 9 ref.; Grant Agreement Number TREN/FP7/TR/233659 /"DaCoTA"

Samenvatting WP6 of DaCoTA, Driver Behaviour Monitoring through Naturalistic Driving, aims to develop an implementation plan for a large scale activity that uses Naturalistic Driving (ND) Observations to continuously monitor relevant road safety data within the framework of the European Road Safety Observatory. Compared to other Naturalistic Driving initiatives, the unique objective of Naturalistic Driving observation within ERSO is the continuity of data gathering, the scale (all European countries, representative for each country and comparable between countries) and the focus on safety performance indicators (SPI), alternative safety indicators and mobility. This deliverable reports the outcome of the third task which was to test and refine the practical and technical feasibility of the method of data gathering by naturalistic driving. (Author/publisher)
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