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Road Safety Data, Collection, Transfer and Analysis DaCoTa. Workpackage 6, Driver Behaviour Monitoring through Naturalistic Driving: Deliverable 6.1: Naturalistic driving observations within ERSO.
20122414 ST [electronic version only]
Talbot, R. Meesmann, U. Boets, S. & Welsh, R.
Brussels, European Commission, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, 2011, 121 p., 87 ref.; Grant Agreement Number TREN/FP7/TR/233659 /"DaCoTA"

Samenvatting This is the first Deliverable of WP6 of the DaCoTA project. DaCoTA is a Collaborative Project under the Seventh Framework Programme, co-funded by the European Commission DG Mobility and Transport. The project officially began on January 1st 2010 and will continue to 30th June 2012. The six technical Work packages of DaCoTA will work together to provide tools and methodologies to support road safety policy and further extend and enhance the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) developed within the SafetyNet project2. ERSO was created with the aim of being the primary focus for road safety data and knowledge. It also aims to support all aspects of road and vehicle safety policy development at European and national levels (ERSO 2010d). The Observatory is now hosted with the EC Transport Road Safety Website (http://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/index_en.htm) WP6 of DaCoTA, Driver Behaviour Monitoring through Naturalistic Driving, aims to develop an implementation plan for a large scale activity that uses Naturalistic Driving Observations to continuously monitor relevant road safety data within the framework of the European Road Safety Observatory. This deliverable reports the outcome of the first task which was to generate an inventory of variables and measurement tools necessary to monitor road safety through Naturalistic Driving Observations. This was achieved by performing the following activities: 1. Generating an inventory of relevant variables to monitor road safety within ERSO. 2. Generating an inventory of relevant variables to monitor through naturalistic driving observation. 3. Combining 1 and 2 to define the variables to be measured within ERSO by naturalistic driving observation. (Author/publisher)
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