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Training program for bicycle safety and safe cycling for older cyclists : moderator handbook, short version.
20122394 ST [electronic version only]
Freiberger, E. & Hendrich, S.
Berlin, German Insurance Association (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft GDV), 2011, 16 p., ref.

Samenvatting As a result of demographic changes, the proportion of people above 60 years of age will double in the next 20 years (WHO, 2002). Increasing life expectancy is generally associated with health impairments, primarily in the area of chronic illness, such as cardiovascular limitations, diabetes and limitations with respect to mobility and cognition. The financial, social, and not least personal burdens faced by a population with an increasing proportion of older people will present a particular challenge in the coming decades. (Author/publisher)
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