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Cannabis and psychomotor performance : a rational review of the evidence and implications for public policy.
20122362 ST [electronic version only]
Armentano, P.
Drug Testing and Analysis, 2012, September 13 [Epub ahead of print] doi: 10.1002/dta.1404, 5 p., 45 ref.

Samenvatting There are questions regarding the extent to which cannabis intoxication influences psychomotor performance and to what degree cannabis consumption may play a role in on-road traffic accidents. Questions also persist regarding the implementation of sensible and effective public policies to better identify cannabis-influenced driving behaviour and, ideally, to deter persons from engaging in this activity. This paper will attempt to summarize much of the available contemporary literature in order to better address these concerns and provide suggestions for ways society can better implement rational and evidence-based policies to address and deter cannabis-influenced driving behaviour. (Author/publisher)
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