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Innovative Concepts for smart Road Restraint Systems to provide greater safety for vulnerable road users (SMART RRS). Deliverable 7.1: Project presentation.
20122331 ST [electronic version only]

[Zaragoza, Universidad de Zaragoza], [2010], 3 p.

Samenvatting A project logo has been designed, in this first phase of the SMART RRS project, trying to catch the spirit of this project. CENTRO ZARAGOZA has also designed a poster that expresses the goals of the SMART RRS project. For the design of both dissemination materials have been taken into account the three safety steps which this project focuses on: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Safety. All the documents to be generated within the project will use the project logo and every dissemination event will also use the posters printed for this purpose. (Author/publisher)
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