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Motor vehicle operation in the setting of multiple sclerosis with myelopathy : assessment, adaptive equipment, counseling, and cessation of driving.
20121509 ST [electronic version only]
Niewoehner, P.M. & Thomas, F.P.
Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology, Vol. 17 (2011), No. 4 (August), p. 877-881, 10 ref.

Samenvatting Many individuals with multiple sclerosis are safe drivers; others self-regulate their driving or cease driving altogether because of their own safety concerns. When patients are unsafe to drive and have poor insight into their condition, they may ignore a provider's repeated communication to stop driving. Addressing this issue when a person is initially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and continuing the discussion over time when assessing other activities of daily living may ease the process of driving cessation. Referral for a driving evaluation may be appropriate, in conjunction with referrals to a social worker for mobility counselling and to a psychologist for grief and loss issues associated with driving cessation. When repeated recommendations to stop driving are ignored, notifying the appropriate government agencies should be considered. (Author/publisher)
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