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Naturalistic study of winter driving practices by older men and women : examination of weather, road conditions, trip purposes, and comfort.
20121500 ST [electronic version only]
Myers, A.M. Trang, A. & Crizzle, A.M.
Canadian Journal on Aging, Vol. 30 (2011), No. 4 (December), p. 577-589, 47 ref.

Samenvatting Most studies on seniors' driving practices are based on self-reports; none have objectively examined winter driving patterns. The authors used electronic devices, together with trip logs, digital maps, and weather archives, to examine the driving patterns of seniors aged 65 to 91 over two consecutive weeks between November 2008 and March 2009. Night driving differed by month showing the importance of seasonal factors, particularly the amount of daylight. Although 69 per cent of the sample drove on days with adverse conditions, seniors were significantly more likely to make trips for social/entertainment purposes on days with good weather, and out-of-town trips on days with good road conditions. Driving comfort scores, particularly for night driving, were significantly related to multiple indicators of exposure and patterns, including radius from home. Compared to men, women had significantly lower driving comfort scores and were less likely to drive on days with adverse weather and road conditions. (Author/publisher)
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