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Identifying barriers to driving privilege reinstatement among California DUI offenders.
20121230 ST [electronic version only]
Rogers, P.N.
Sacramento, CA, California Department of Motor Vehicles CAL-DMV, 2012, XVIII + 92 p., 16 ref.; CAL-DMV-RSS-12-237

Samenvatting Evidence suggests that many suspended DUI offenders delay reinstatement of their driving privileges long after they become eligible to reinstate and that those who delay have higher recidivism rates and remain outside of the driver-control system, making corrective action difficult if their driving continues to be a problem. This study updates prior estimates of the extent to which California DUI offenders delay reinstatement of their driving privileges after suspension and investigates the perceived barriers to reinstatement through surveys of offenders and DUI-system professionals. California driver records show that the majority of otherwise reinstatement-eligible 1st and 2nd DUI offenders in California do not reinstate their driving privileges 3 or more years following their arrests. The surveyed offenders and DUI-system professionals indicated strong agreement that high overall financial costs and offenders’ confusion about system requirements are the most significant barriers to meeting the obligations that would enable offenders to reinstate their driving privilege, followed closely by failure to complete DUI Program requirements, most often because of offenders’ inability to pay the program costs, and also because they lack available alternate transportation to attend classes. The barriers to reinstatement may effectively deter some offenders from driving, preventing DUI incidents they might otherwise have caused, but appear to deprive others at risk of recidivating who continue to drive impaired from access to needed intervention programs. To address the study’s primary identified barriers to driving privilege reinstatement, several recommendations are made addressing cost mitigation, improved centralized communication of system requirements, and the benefits to obtaining early license restriction and, ultimately, reinstatement. (Author/publisher)
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