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Drunk driving across the globe : let's learn from one another.
20121035 ST [electronic version only]
Lerner, B.H.
The Lancet, Vol. 379 (2012), No. 9829 (19 May), p. 1870-1871

Samenvatting “Girl, 12, Killed by Drunk Driver While Trick-or-Treating.” This headline appeared in the Nov 1, 2011, online edition of the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper. However, the unfortunate victim, Faith Monet Love, was killed in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lived and was collecting Halloween candy with her cousins and aunt. It is hard to imagine a tragedy more universal than this one: an innocent child, apparently killed by someone who willfully chose to drink and then drive. Yet measures to control drunk driving, established in nearly every country to prevent this exact type of event, vary widely in their extent, application, and acceptance. Why do different countries address drunk driving so differently? Can we use this knowledge to save more lives everywhere? (Author/publisher)
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