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Multicultural web-based motivational interviewing for clients with a first-time DUI offense.
20120850 ST [electronic version only]
Osilla, K.C. D'Amico, E.J. Díaz-Fuentes, C.M. Lara, M. & Watkins, K.E.
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, Vol. 18 (2012), No. 2 (April), p. 192-202, 83 ref.

Samenvatting Culturally and linguistically appropriate interventions are needed to reduce the risk of driving under the influence (DUI) recidivism among diverse populations. Using core elements of Motivational Interviewing, we developed a culturally relevant web-MI intervention (web-MI) in English and Spanish to serve as a standalone or adjunctive program in DUI educational settings and evaluated its feasibility and acceptability among clients with first-time DUI offenses. We conducted an iterative formative assessment using focus groups with staff (n = 8) and clients (n = 27), and usability interviews with clients (n = 21). Adapting MI for the web was widely accepted by staff and clients. Clients stated the web-MI was engaging, interactive and personal, and felt more comfortable than past classes and programs. Spanish-speaking clients felt less shame, embarrassment, and discomfort with the web-MI compared to other in-person groups. Results support the viability of web-MI for DUI clients at risk for recidivism and highlight the importance of adapting the intervention for diverse populations. Key decisions used to develop the web-MI are discussed. (Author/publisher)
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