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Safety data, analysis and evaluation 2011. Volume 2. A peer-reviewed publication of the Transportation Research Board TRB.
20120465 ST S [electronic version only]

Washington, D.C., Transportation Research Board TRB, 2011, VII + 159 p., ref.; Transportation Research Record TRR ; No. 2237 - ISSN 0361-1981 / ISBN 978-0-309-22291-4

Samenvatting This issue consists of 17 papers that address analysis of crash rates and surrogate events, aggregating indicators of traffic conflict, optimizing investments in local rural road networks, improved time-to-collision definition, mining microscopic data of vehicle conflicts and collisions, arterial signal coordination, and real-time crash risk. It also explores analysis of speeding behavior, identification of black spots on two-lane rural roads , identifying crash distributions and prone locations, effects of built-environment characteristics on pedestrian crash frequency, exploratory analysis of pedestrian crashes, ranking criteria for black spot identification, crash identification and reconstruction, highway safety and simulation in rainy weather, accident prediction models for winter road safety, and use of the U.S. national household travel survey to validate exposure estimates. (Author/publisher)
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