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Safety and comfort of the vulnerable road user. ITS Action Plan, Deliverable 4, final report, Action 3.4.
20120272 ST [electronic version only]
Eisses, S.
Brussels, European Commission, Directorate-General Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE), 2011, 91 p., 51 ref.; Framework Service Contract TREN/G4/FV-2008/475/01

Samenvatting The overall objective of the action 3.4 of the ITS Action plan is 'to develop measures including best practice guidelines concerning the impact of ITS applications and services on the safety and comfort of the ‘Vulnerable Road Users’. The objective of the present study, commissioned by the EC/DG MOVE is to establish state of art, to assess impacts, to identify and potentially prioritise most suitable ITS Services or application fields, to elaborate on potential measures and to recommend action in these. This document constitutes the final report (D4) of this assignment. Section 1 ‘Introduction’, this section describes scope, purpose and structure of this document and lists the general terms and abbreviations used Section 2 ‘Methodology’ addresses the approach for this study and can be regarded as a further elaboration of the presented methodology in the Inception Report. Section 3 ‘Demarcation of Scope’ deals with the identification and classification of the VRU as well as the applied definition of ITS. Section 4 ‘Findings per VRU category’ reports on the intermediate results following from an analysis of specific safety and comfort issues per type of VRU. Section 5 ‘Findings per ITS application’ reports on the intermediate results of an assessment per ITS application. Section 6 ‘Synthesis, recommended fields for action and measures’ presents the synthesis of results from both approaches and identifies measures to be taken on EU-level. Section 7, ‘Conclusions’, summarises the findings and recommendations from this study. (Author/publisher) For more information, see http://ec.europa.eu/transport/its/studies/its_en.htm
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