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It sounds counterintuitive, but can mobile phones be used to reduce driver distraction?
20120066 ST [electronic version only]
Tierney, P.
Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety ACRS, Vol. 22 (2011), No. 4 (November), p. 94-99, 16 ref.

Samenvatting Being on the phone while driving is highly distracting. Drivers are four times more likely to crash while talking on a phone, and over 20 times more likely if texting. VicRoads needed a new way to educate young drivers about the dangers of using a phone while driving. Accordingly, it developed the iPhone App, CityGT. Gaming and social media sites were used to inform the public about CityGT’s release. Outdoor billposters and specially branded cars were also deployed around Melbourne to promote its launch. Thousands of people attended a major launch which was held on 6 September 2009 at Melbourne’s Federation Square. Research showed that CityGT succeeded in bringing the safety issue to mind for young drivers. It was downloaded more than 30,000 times, was ranked in the top three hottest Apps on iTunes, and was one of 2009’s most popular free Apps on the Australian iTunes store. (Author/publisher)
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