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Drug research methodology. Volume III: the detection and quantitation of drugs of interest in body fluids from drivers : final report.
B 21803 /83.4/ IRRD 253998
Joscelyn, K.B. & Donelson, A.C.
Ann Arbor, MI, University of Michigan, Highway Safety Research Institute HSRI, 1980, 73 p., ref.; DOT HS 805 375

Samenvatting The report presents the findings of a workshop on the chemical analysis of body fluids for drugs of interest in highway safety. A cross-disciplinary panel of experts reviewed the list of drugs of interest developed in a previous workshop and described an analytical perspective with which to address issues related to their detection and quantitation. Also summarized in the report are discussions of issues in the design of highway safety research involving drug analysis -- the collection, handling, and storage of body fluid specimens; monitoring the quality of analytical results (proficiency testing of laboratories and quality control procedures); interpretation of analytical results, including collateral data needed for interpretation of findings; and the design of surveys of drug use among drivers.
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