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The road traffic safety and the notions of inhabitants of Latvia of the phenomenon „aggressive driving”. Paper presented at the 1st World Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Guidance (WCPCG-2010), Antalya, Turkey, 4-8 February 2010.
20111038 ST [electronic version only]
Jenenkova, O.
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 5 (2010), WCPCG 2010, p. 2398-2403, 11 ref.

Samenvatting In consequence of active informative politics of international organizations in Latvia the official term “aggressive driving” was introduced. The aim of the research was the survey of the inhabitants of Latvia about the notion of aggressive driving. To survey the issue the method of interviewing and polling was applied. All respondents have got a driver’s license. During the investigation the main constituents of notion about aggressive driving were brought to light — the description of the phenomenon itself from the point of view of the respondents, the social demographic and psychological portrayal of a driver driving a vehicle aggressively, the emotional attitude, the reciprocal behavioral reactions of the respondents themselves etc. (Author/publisher)
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