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Effects of forward collision and lane deviation warnings on road user behaviour : a small-scale Naturalistic Driving study in Greece. PROmoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe PROLOGUE, Deliverable D3.6
20110913 ST [electronic version only]
Touliou, K. & Margaritis, D.
Thessaloniki, CERTH/HIT, 2010, 71 p., 21 ref.; EU Seventh Framework Programme; Theme 7 Transport / Grant Agreement Number: 233597

Samenvatting Naturalistic studies aim at unobtrusively gathering data on driving behaviour. Specifically, in the Greek trial the role of Forward Collision and Lane Deviation Warnings is investigated. The HIT instrumented vehicle (Lancia Thesis Emblema) was equipped with an extra system of three synchronised cameras (rear, frontal, driver’s face) in order to record real time video data. The video cameras installation aimed at recording driver’s activities during driving in order to gather information on the actual role of the warnings in driving experience. The trials lasted three consecutive weeks (baseline, FCW on, LDW on) and five drivers with driving experience above three years participated in the field trial. Two researchers were involved in the data reduction process (inter-rater variability). In-house data mining software was used in order to view all three cameras simultaneously so as to isolate potential distracting behaviours, categorise and cluster them accordingly. Statistical analyses did not reveal any significant associations of secondary tasks presence and warnings activation and events. However, lane deviation warnings were associated most with inattentive behaviour with external stimuli (e.g. looking at the scenery) and forward collision warning with internal tasks (e.g. searching for a radio station). The latter may be the result of increased annoyance by the forward collision warnings, as reported by the participants. Inconclusive findings are in line with current research (Sayer et al., 2005); however, the limited number of secondary tasks retrieved may be the result of the quasi-experimental characteristics of the study. An implementation of a large scale endeavour would provide enriched data in volume and accommodate for real life scenarios’ variability and more test sites. (Author/publisher) See http://www.prologue-eu.eu/ for more information and other reports about this programme.
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