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Enforcing drink and drug driving within Europe.
20110611 ST [electronic version only]
TISPOL Alcohol & Drug Driving Working Group
[S.l.], European Traffic Police Network TISPOL, 2010, 18 p.; TISPOL Policy Paper

Samenvatting TISPOL, as a European Traffic Police Network, provides with this policy document a European standard to fight against all psychoactive substances, which are dangerous for road safety when driving under the influence of these substances. In this document TISPOL outlines the best practices to reduce the problem of driving under influence (DUI). Some of these practices are already used in some countries, but differences between legal frameworks, strategic planning, tactical deployment and administrative issues concerning road traffic enforcement in European countries are still enormously wide. The scientific and police knowledge contained in the TISPOL policy document provides a clear and continued reduction of road deaths on European roads caused by impaired drivers. TISPOL’s main goal is to set out the best possible toolkit for optimal legislation, preventative measures and technical equipment for police services and to make all drivers have a belief that drinking and driving and use of psychoactive substances will lead to detection and severe sanctions. The main emphasis in this document is on enforcement. It is widely recognised that enhanced enforcement is often the only (and cost effective) way to achieve substantial improvement in road safety within a relatively short period . For long lasting results Europe needs a more coherent approach to solve this problem. This is also spelled out by the European Commission, which encourages Member States to intensify and harmonise their efforts in this field in order to promote the achievement of the current road safety goals. (Author/publisher)
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