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Recidivism among drunken and drugged drivers in Norway.
20110482 ST [electronic version only]
Christophersen, A.S. Beylich, K.M. Bjørneboe, A. Skurtveit, S. & Mørland, J.
Alcohol & Alcoholism, Vol. 31 (1996), No. 6 (Nov.), p. 609-611, 4 ref.

Samenvatting The prevalence of re-arrest among drunken drivers in relation to different blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) at the time of the offences was studied. Between 38 and 50% of arrested drunk drivers were re-arrested for similar offences The frequency of re-arrests was, however, reduced during 1992 compared with 1986, but only significantly for those with a low BAC interval (60–90 mg/dl). We conclude that drivers with high re-arrest rates have a careless attitude to the Road Traffic Act and require a different treatment and follow-up programme. (Author/publisher)
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