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Innovative Concepts for smart Road Restraint Systems to provide greater safety for vulnerable road users (SMART RRS). Deliverable 1.2: Report on motorcyclists impacts with road infrastructure based of an indepth investigation of motorcycle accidents.
20110116 ST [electronic version only]

[Zaragoza, Universidad de Zaragoza], [2010], 305 p.

Samenvatting This in-depth accident investigation has the objective to make a snapshot of the moment of the accident, in which either only one vehicle, the PTW (motorcycle or moped) is involved, or more vehicles are involved (one of them should be a PTW), without impact between the moving vehicles. Sttention is especially focussed on the impact against Guardrail barrier / Posts fencing. Accidents are analyzed with regard to the PTW and rider kinematics, roadside infrastructure and surrounding conditions, trauma suffered by the riders and the effectiveness of the body coverage material. The analysis has considered real accidents provided by three 'In-deph accidents databases': MAIDS (by ACEM), Centro Zaragoza, Applus IDIADA for a total of 239 accidents. (Author/publisher)
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