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Electronic systems for heavy vehicle driver fatigue and speed compliance : draft policy paper.
20101707 ST [electronic version only]
National Transport Commission
Melbourne, National Transport Commission NTC, 2010, 76 p., 17 ref.

Samenvatting In its most recent discussions on fatigue management, the Australian Transport Council (ATC) requested that the National Transport Commission ‘develop a possible regulatory framework for electronic devices to monitor heavy vehicle speed and fatigue’. Electronic devices offer the potential to record and use information in ways not possible within the current paper-based system. For example, these devices can assist drivers to comply with the law and plan their work and rest times. This information can also be fed back to operators to assist them in responding proactively to on-road events (such as loading delays) by changing trip schedules, roster and planned rest breaks. The current paper-based system is a key barrier to improving the voluntary uptake of electronic systems and harnessing their potential to manage fatigue and speed risks, as recommended by the draft National In-vehicle Telematics Strategy: The Road Freight Sector (NTC 2010). (Author/publisher)
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