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Fatigue Monitoring Report 2009 : strategy to reduce impaired driving 2010. Prepared for the Standing Committee on Road Safety Research and Policies by CCMTA STRID Expert Working Group on Fatigue.
20101448 ST [electronic version only]
CCMTA STRID Expert Working Group on Fatigue
Ottawa, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), 2010, 22 p.; CCMTA Road Safety Report Series

Samenvatting The fatigue monitoring survey was sent to all jurisdictions in February 2010. The survey is a tool designed to help jurisdictions develop, implement, monitor, and report fatigue impairment prevention strategies. It provides a national profile of efforts made by all jurisdictions to address fatigue. Responses to the survey have been received from all jurisdictions with the exception of NU. (Author/publisher)
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