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Toward zero deaths : a national strategy on highway safety. White paper No. 5: Safer vulnerable road users : pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and older users.
20101442 ST [electronic version only]
Zegeer, C. Hunter, W. Staplin, L. Bents, F. Huey, R. & Barlow, J.
[S.l., s.n.], 2010, IV + 55 p., ref.; Draft

Samenvatting A certain group of road users are particularly vulnerable to becoming a fatality if involved in vehicle crash including pedestrians, especially those with disabilities, bicyclists, motorcyclists and all of those users who have diminished abilities due to aging. Strategies for addressing these groups are presented in this white paper by a team of experts in these areas including Charlie Zegeer, Janet Barlow, William Hunter, Frances Bents, and Loren Staplin. (Author/publisher)
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