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Narcissism and aggressive driving : is an inflated view of the self a road hazard?
20101204 ST [electronic version only]
Lustman, M. Wiesenthal, D.L. & Flett, G.L.
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 40 (2010), No. 6 (June), p. 1423-1449, 44 ref.

Samenvatting A total of 210 drivers varying in levels of trait narcissism were presented with 10 scenarios of objectionable driving situations and were asked to make assessments of intentionality, level of inconsideration, and anger and to indicate the behavioral responses they would likely make in such situations. It was hypothesized that responses would reflect attributions made in assessing the behaviors of other motorists. Our results confirmed the associations among attributions, anger, and behavioral reactions. Positive correlations were found between attributions and levels of anger and driver aggression. Individuals high in narcissism were also found to respond more aggressively toward the frustrating driving behavior of others, but this relationship varied by gender and anger experience. (Author/publisher)
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