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Black spot management and safety analysis of road networks : best practice guidelines and implementation steps.
20101151 ST [electronic version only]
Sørensen, M. & Elvik, R.
Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TØI, 2007, X + 96 p., 75 ref.; TØI Report ; 919/2007 - ISSN 0808-1190 / ISBN 978-82-480-0809-5 (paper version) / ISBN 978-82-480-0810-1 (electronic version)

Samenvatting The report summarizes state-of-the-art approaches and best practice guidelines for black spot management and network safety management with regard to classification of roadway elements, identification, accident analysis and evaluation. The report describes how these recommendations should be implemented.It is recommended that hazardous sites are identified by use of model based methods, ideally speaking the empirical Bayes method. To do this, unambiguously located accident, traffic and road data are needed. The analysis should be made as a blinded matched pair comparison where the hazardous site is compared with a safe site. Alternatively the hazardous site should be compared with the normal accident pattern. The evaluation should employ the empirical Bayed before-and-after design, or be made as a before-after-study supplemented with use of correction factors. (Author/publisher) For the complete report see http://www.toi.no/article19577-29.html
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