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Better cycles : an analysis of the needs and requirements of older cyclists.
20100830 ST [electronic version only]
Spolander, K.
Stockholm, VINNOVA, 2007, 76 p.; VINNOVA Report ; VR 2007:17 - ISSN 1650-3104 / ISBN 978-91-85959-05-1

Samenvatting The purpose of the project has been to analyse the need for more comfortable and safer cycles for elderly people, the possibilities of achieving this, plus how to initiate such a development and the role of research in this context. Background to this is the increased interest in the cycle as a mode of local conveyance in urban areas, a European trend which more recently has reached Sweden. A prerequisite for increased cycle traffic is a better cycle infrastructure but also better cycles. The project in this report is one of the needs analyses financed by VINNOVA to obtain data as to what should be included in the investment, planned to start in 2008, in the living environment of older people. VINNOVA’s investment will consist of needs-driven research aimed at developing products and services which facilitate day-to-day life for older people. (Author/publisher)
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