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The naturalistic driver model : development, integration, and verification of lane change maneuver, driver emergency and impairment modules : final report.
20100823 ST [electronic version only]
Cody, D. & Tan, S.
Berkeley, CA., University of California, Institute of Transportation Studies ITS, 2009, VIII + 22 p., 8 ref; California PATH Research Report ; UCB-ITS-PRR-2009-34- ISSN 1055-1425

Samenvatting This report documents the development of a driver model that describes how humans process information. The need for such a model comes from the goal of improving driving safety by designing systems that will support drivers by either allowing drivers to avert errors or, in the most extreme cases, take control over the driver. The systems developed to this day relay neither a good description of driving activity nor the perceptive and cognitive processes underlying it, and are therefore limited in the type of support that can be provided. A driver model would also provide the basis for an evaluation of the benefit of the driver support systems, in terms of safety improvement and impact on traffic. The architecture of the model is presented, along with a description of the modules that constitute it, with various degree of detail based on the closeness to implementation of the module. The method for integrating data into the development of the model is also discussed. The conclusions of the report focus on the challenges met for designing such a model and the requirements for pursuing this line of work. (Author/publisher)
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