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Sharing the responsibility for assessing the risk of the driver with dementia.
20100119 ST [electronic version only]
Rapoport, M.J. Herrmann, N. Molnar, F.J. Man-Son-Hing, M. Marshall, S.C. Shulman, K. & Naglie, G.
Canadian Medical Association Journal CMAJ, Vol. 177 (2008), No. 6 (September 11), p. 599-601, 14 ref.

Samenvatting Key points of the article. Major concerns: • There are a growing numbers of drivers with dementia; • Physicians often fail to recognize unsafe drivers with dementia; • There are no valid in-office tests available to predict individual driving risk; • On-road tests are often costly and unavailable. Proposed solutions: • Improved access to and subsidization of specialized on-road testing; • Increased support and transportation alternatives to help patients and caregivers cope with driving cessation; • Research into and development of tools for office-based driving assessment; • Improved physician education about dementia recognition and driving assessment. (Author/publisher)
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