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Passion for driving and aggressive driving behavior : a look at their relationship.
20100095 ST [electronic version only]
Philippe, F.L. Vallerand, R.J. Richer, I. Vallières, E. & Bergeron, J.
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 39 (2009), No. 12 (December), p. 3020-3043, 53 ref.

Samenvatting The purpose of the present research was to investigate the relationship between passion for driving and aggressive driving behavior in 3 studies. Study 1 examined the association between passion and aggressive driving behavior in a sample of undergraduate students. Results showed that an obsessive passion for driving was associated with aggressive driving behavior, while harmonious passion was not. Study 2 replicated these results with an ecologically valid sample of community-dwelling drivers. Finally, Study 3 replicated the results obtained in Studies 1 and 2 in a laboratory setting using a driving simulator under controlled frustrating driving situations with judges' assessment of aggressive driving behavior. Study 3 also showed that the emotion of anger mediated the obsessive-passion/aggressive-driving-behavior relationship. (Author/publisher)
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