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Recklessness in context : individual and situational correlates to aggressive driving.
20100072 ST [electronic version only]
Harris, P.B. & Houston, J.M.
Environment and Behavior, Vol. 42 (2010), No. 1 (January), p. 44-60, 58 ref.

Samenvatting Traffic-related injury and fatality are major health risks in the United States and worldwide. One contributor to road accidents is unsafe and aggressive driving practices. We examined individual and situational aspects of aggressive driving by having 152 undergraduate students complete self-report measures. Aggressive driving was related to personality variables, such as hostility, sensation seeking, and competitiveness, as well as to social variables such as driving without passengers and characteristics of the target vehicle (e.g., passengers, age, and status of driver), environmental variables (e.g., type of road, traffic, and weather), and temporal variables (e.g., time pressure and time of day). (Author/publisher)
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