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Hazards faced by young designated drivers : in-car risks of driving drunken passengers.
20100069 ST [electronic version only]
Rothe, P.J. & Carroll, L.J.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 6 (2009), No. 6 (June), p. 1760-1777, 22 ref.

Samenvatting This qualitative study explored the risk in the practice of young designated drivers transporting drunken peers. Young drivers 18-29 years old in Alberta, Canada participated in 12 focus groups (N = 146). Interviews were semi-structured. A key finding is that when highly intoxicated youth are driven by a designated driver who is a peer, they are likely to behave in ways that are unsafe. Unsafe actions of drunken passengers in the vehicle include physical "rough-housing" with the driver, creating stress for the driver that leads to high risk driving situations and disrupting safe driving through nausea and in-car vomiting. (Author/publisher)
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