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Road safety data : collection and analysis for target setting and monitoring performances and progress : proceedings of the 4th IRTAD Conference, Seoul, Korea, 16-17 September 2009.
20091279 ST [electronic version only]

Paris, International Transport Forum ITF, 2009, Pp

Samenvatting The 4th IRTAD Conference brought together more than 100 road safety experts from around the world to discuss the use of safety data set targets and monitor road safety performance and to encourage knowledge transfer for data collection and analyses. The Conference was jointly organised by the Korean Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, the Korean Transport Safety Authority and the IRTAD Group with the support of the World Bank, UNESCAP and the Korean Society of Transportation. Contents: Session 1 - Road Safety in Asia and Knowledge Transfer * IRTAD and the Global Road Safety Facility -- Slides Mr Bjorn STAFBOM, World Bank * Road Safety Data Availability in Asia -- Slides Mr Dong-Woo HA, UNESCAP * Introducing the Good Practice Manual on Road Safety Data Mr Jonathon PASSMORE, World Health Organisation * Building Capacity for Road Safety Data Systems -- Slides Mr Robert KLEIN, Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) Session 2 - Specific Analysis of Road Safety Data * Characteristics of Motorcycle Crashes in the United States -- Slides Ms Jeya PADMANABAN, JP Research, USA * Road Safety and the Elderly in Europe -- Slides Mr Petros EVGENIKOS, National Technical University of Athens, Greece * Demographic Change and Changing Mobility of the Elderly - Evidence in the German National Accident Statistics -- Slides Ms Susanne SCHÖNEBECK, BASt, Germany * Short-term Monitoring of Road Accident Trends in Israel -- Slides Ms Victoria GITELMAN, Transportation Research Institute, Israel Session 3 - Road Safety Data Collection and Reporting * Reviewing how distraction involvement is coded in the New Zealand crash analysis system -- Slides Mr Craig GORDON, Ministry of Transport, New Zealand * Identification of accident location by use of GPS and possibilities of its application -- Slides Mr Josef MIKULIK, CDV, Czech Republic * CADaS - A Common Road Accident Data Framework in Europe -- Slides Mr George YANNIS, National Technical University of Athens, Greece * Road Traffic Accident Involvement rate by Accident and Violation Records -- Slides Mr Yasushi NISHIDA, Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis, Japan Session 4 - Data Quality and Data Linking * Correction for Underreporting of Road Traffic Casualties in the Netherlands: relevance and method -- Slides Mr Niels BOS, SWOV, Netherlands and Mr Harry DERRIKS, Ministry of Transport, Netherlands * Achieving Quality of Canadian Crash Data -- Slides Ms Aline CHOUINARD, Transport Canada * Prerequisites for Completing the Quality Chain in the Safety Management -- Slides Mr Byongho CHOE, Korea Transportation Safety Authority * Under Reporting of Road Traffic Crash Data in Ghana Mr Mohammed SALIFU, University of Science and Technology of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana * Update and Improvement of the Traffic Accident Data Collection Procedures in Spain. The METRAS Method of Sequencing Accident Events -- Slides Mr Jean François PACE, INTRAS, University of Valencia, Spain Session 5 - Road Safety Benchmarking * Analyses Using the European Road Safety Observatory -- Slides Ms Eleonora PAPADIMITRIOU, National Technical University of Athens, Greece * Elaborating an Index Methodology for Creating an Overall Road Safety Performance Score for a Set of Countries -- Slides Ms Elke HERMANS, University of Hasselt, Belgium * Stronger Road Safety Performance Monitoring in South Australia -- Slides Ms Tamra FEDOJUK, Department for Transport, South Australia * Designing a Composite Index for Road Safety. SUNflowerNexte. Chapter 3 Ms Victoria GITELMAN, Transportation Research Institute, Israel, and Mr Fred WEGMAN, SWOV, Netherlands Session 6 - Road Infrastructure and Safety Analysis * Road Infrastructure Safety Assessment - RISA -- Slides Mr Ian APPLETON, Transport Agency, New Zealand * Development of Intersection Traffic Accident Risk Assessment Model -- Slides Mr Ki-Joon KIM, TERI, Korea * Software-based Road Safety Analysis in Germany -- Slides Mr Ulrich BRANNOLTE, Bauhaus University, and Mr Andre MÜNCH, PTV, Germany * Sequential Data Analysis for Black Spot Identification -- Slides Mr Songrit CHAYANAN and Mr Kiettipong JIERRANAITANAKIT, Ministry of Transportation, Thailand * Relating Freeway Traffic Accidents with Inductive Loop Detector Data Using Logistic Regression -- Slides Mr Cheal OH, University of Hanyang, Korea Session 7 - Data Collection and Analysis in Asian Countries * The Construction of Road Accident Analysis and Database System in Malaysia -- Slides Mr Hizal Hanis BIN HASHIM, MIROS, Malaysia * Data Leads to Successful Introduction of Vietnam Helmet Law -- Slides Ms Lan Huong NGUYEN, GRSP, Vietnam * Analysis of Design Elements for Urban Highway Safety -- Slides Mr SooBeom LEE, University of Seoul, Korea * GRSP Beijing Project of Improving Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) Safety at Intersections -- Slides Ms Ann YUAN, GRSP, China * Traffic Accidents in Hanoi: Data Collection and Analysis -- Slides Mr Nguyen Hoang Hai, Hanoi Department of Transport, Vietnam Session 8 - Safety Performance Indicators * Analyzing Road Safety Indicator Data across Europe: Describing, Explaining and Comparing -- Slides Ms Elke HERMANS, University of Hasselt, Belgium * Surveys on Safety Performance Indicators in Switzerland: Results and Methodological Issues -- Slides Mr Steffen NIEMANN, Council for Accident Prevention, Switzerland * Data and Monitoring on Road Safety Performance in Hungary -- Slides Mr Peter HOLLO, KTI, Hungary * Evaluating Safety and Road Safety Effects using Empirical Bayesian Method -- Slides Mr Harri PELTOLA, VTT, Finland * Road Safety Performance Evaluation based on a Multiple Layer Data Envelopment Analysis Model -- Slides Mr Yongjun SHEN, University of Hasselt, Belgium Session 9 - Data Analysis to Support Road Safety Policy, Target Setting and Monitoring * Monitoring Performance Indicators in order to reach Sweden's New Road Safety Target - A Progress Towards Vision Zero -- Slides Ms Ylva BERG, Swedish Road Administration, Sweden * Need for Road Safety Targets in South Asian Developing Countries -- Slides Mr Kathirgamalingam SOMASUNDARASWARAN, University of Southern Queensland, Australia * Strategic Targets Board as a Management Tool for Spanish Road Safety -- Slides Ms Pilar ZORI BERTOLIN, Traffic Directorate, Spain * Make Roads Safe, a Decade for Road Safety Action -- Slides Mr Mike HARRIS, AAA, Australia Poster Presentations * Investigation of Pedestrian Accidents Analysis at Signalised Pedestrian Crossings in Edinburgh Khalfan ALNAQBI, Edinburgh Napier University * Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents on NH45, Kanchipuram District (Tamil Nadu, India) Ravishankar RAJARAMAN, India, JP Research * GDP, Vehicle Ownership and Fatality Rate: Similarities and Differences among Countries Csaba KOREN and Attila BORSOS, Faculty of Engineering, Györ, Hungary * Database of Black Spots on Main Roads in Serbia Krsto LIPOVAC, Academy of Kriminalistic and Police Studies, Serbia; Dragan JOVANOVIC, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia; Miladin NESIC, Academy of Kriminalistic and Police Studies, Serbia; and Dejan JOVANOV, SEETO * Application of Hazard Based Duration Model to Investigate - Traffic Incident Duration Abdulla ALKAABI, Roger BIRD and DILUM DISSANAYAKE, Newcastle University, United Kingdom * Obtaining and Applying of Traffic Accident Using Automatic Accident Recording System in Korea Jaehoon SUL and Seonghee CHO, Korea Transport Institute * Analysis of Maxillofacial Injuries of Vehicle Passengers Involved in Frontal Collisions Masahito HITOSUGI, Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine, Tochigi, Japan * Bicycle Traffic Accidents in Japan - Influence of passengers and cyclists' manner on the accident occurence Shinichi YOSHIDA, Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis, Japan * Drinking and Driving Project in Guangxi Ann YUAN, GRSP Country Manager for China; Li YING, Health Human Resource Development Center, Ministry of Health, China; Zhang JUNHUA, Health Human Resource Development Center, Ministry of Health, China; Liu WEI, General Manager, Clarity Public Relations Alex WANG, Deputy General Manager, Clarity Public Relations * Road Safety Education in Schools. Can we measure its success? Gayle DI PIETRO, GRSP Malaysia * Community Youth Helmet Use Project in Thailand Nuananong LOHITAKUL, GRSP Thailand * Road Crash and Victim Information System in Cambodia. Guidelines Handicap International * Prioritization and Selection of Risk Alleviation Measures through Traffic Impact and Risk Assessment Analysis Eftihia NATHANAIL, University of Thessaly, Greece * Crash Data System - A new-generation software product approach and a move to improved national systems Jim JARVIS and Subu KAMAL, IBS Software Services Pvt, Ltd., India
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