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Driving among drug users : are we doing enough? : a chart review of assessment of driving and related issues in drug misusers.
20091218 ST [electronic version only]
Thangavelu, K. & Rhinds, D.
Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy, Vol. 16 (2009), No. 3 (June), p. 266-272, 14 ref.

Samenvatting Driving among drug users is a major health concern. Professionals working in substance misuse service have a duty of care to manage the risks involved. The authors analysed the practice of multidisciplinary team in drug treatment service discussing driving with the patient and providing them with relevant information regarding the regulations. The authors compared this practice with the existing policies and guidelines. A chart review of healthcare professionals in the drug treatment services discussing driving and related issues with the patient was carried out. One hundred case records were analysed for evidence of documentation of the above information. A clear record of discussion of all driving-related issues was documented in only 28% of records reviewed. In more that half of the cases there was no record as to whether the patient was driving or not. It is concluded that The results raised some ethical questions that would influence the policy makers and practitioners. These finding suggest that major changes are needed in our practice both for our legal protection and for the best interests of patients and public. (Author/publisher).
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